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Top 30 Dog Tattoos for Men and Women | Cute Amazing Dog Tattoo Designs and Ideas 2019

Dog lovers are a special bunch. We know how awesome it is to love a dog and to be loved back in return. And when we’re lucky enough, a special dog enters our lives that we never want to forget. And that’s where dog tattoos come in.

Dogs are absolutely the center of my world. They were the most consistent and joyful part of my life as I was a kid growing up in an abusive home. I’m heavily tattooed and I’ve chosen to memorialize my relationship with dogs through dog tattoos many times. I have paw prints for all the dogs who were part of my life as a kid/teenager in a band on my arm and I have portrait tattoos for the three dogs that I share my life with currently.

While they may occasionally chew up the blinds and poop on the carpet, it’s hard to stay mad. Those innocent looking puppy dog eyes can pierce straight through the hardest heated of men. Cue the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA sound track.

Of course, having a dog can also boost your mood, relieve your level of stress, keep you well protected too among a million other great things.

Check out this Most Popular Dog Tattoo Designs and Ideas

30. Back Side Dog Tattoo

Back Side Dog Tattoo

29. Black And Grey Dog Tattoo

Black And Grey Dog Tattoo

28. Black and Red Dog Tattoo

Black and Red Dog Tattoo

27. Black Work Dog Tattoos

Black Work Dog Tattoos

26. Blue Dog Tattoo

Blue Dog Tattoo

25. Cute Dog Tattoo

Cute Dog Tattoo

24. Dog With Men Dog Tattoo

Dog With Men Dog Tattoo

23. Dot Work Dog Tattoo

Dot Work Dog Tattoo

22. Finger Dog Tattoo

Finger Dog Tattoo

21. Flying Dog Tattoos

Flying Dog Tattoos

Top Cute Dog Tattoo Designs and Ideas 2019

20. Geometric Dog Tattoo

Geometric Dog Tattoo

19. Hand Dog Tattoo

Hand Dog Tattoo

18. Leg Dog Tattoo

Leg Dog Tattoo

17. Line Dog Tattoo

Line Dog Tattoo

16. Monza Dog Tattoo

Monza Dog Tattoo

15. Orange Dog Tattoo

Orange Dog Tattoo

14. Paw Print Dog Tattoos

Paw Print Dog Tattoos

13. Pitbull Dog Tattoo

Pitbull Dog Tattoo

12. Red Color Dog Tattoo

Red Color Dog Tattoo

11. Shoulder Dog Tattoo

Shoulder Dog Tattoo

Popular Dog Tattoos for Men and Women

10. Skate Dog Tattoo

Skate Dog Tattoo

9. Sketch Work Dog Tattoo

Sketch Work Dog Tattoo

8. Space Dog Tattoo

Space Dog Tattoo

7. Star Dog Tattoos

Star Dog Tattoos

6. Sullen Dog Tattoo

Sullen Dog Tattoo

5. Sun Flower Dog Tattoo

Sun Flower Dog Tattoo

4. Tiny Dog Tattoo

Tiny Dog Tattoo

3. Traditional Dog Tattoo

Traditional Dog Tattoo

2. Water Color Dog Tattoo

Water Color Dog Tattoo

1. Zero Dog Tattoos

Zero Dog Tattoos

Recently, more and more individuals are choosing different kinds of Dog based tattoo on their bodies. In case if you are planning to receive a Dog tattoo yourself, you need to discover your own unique Dog design which matches perfectly with your personality.

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